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We offer you a wide choice of vintage cars, all perfectly serviced and ready to give you a great satisfaction.

Discover our
vintage cars selection

Rounded or serrated curves, Bertone or Pininfarina design, small 4-cylinder engine or large V12, pre-war convertible or sports sedan from the 1970S, each vintage vehicule is unique.

Emotions are destilled from each start.
Each wheel turn is an invitation to travel.
Each turn takes us to another world.

CforCar will help you to experience this magical moment.

Do you have
a classic car for sale ?

Come and meet us with your “Classic”. If the proposed car meets our quality criteria, our non-exclusive deposit-sale contract is very advantageous !
No more having to sell an old vehicle: CforCar takes care of everything: exhibition in our showroom in Biarritz, writing ads in the specialized press, promotion in our network…
We study all requests, whether it is an Alfa Forme, a Ferrari, a Morgan, a Jaguar… or any other old car!