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4 February 2015
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Ferrari Mondial T, Valeo Clutch -Sold-

Model: Ferrari Mondial T
Year: 1994
Engine: 3400cc
Gearbox: 5-speed mechanical
Exterior color: Red
Interior color: Black
Car registration document: French

CforCar presents this extremely rare Ferrari Mondial T with Valeo clutch. Replacing the left pedal with an electromechanical system, this clutch was initially developed by the French Equipment manufacturer for Lancia Delta Intégrale rally cars, allowing drivers to drive one foot on the Accelerator and the other on the brake pedal. Claiming a gear shift of around 0.02 seconds, this technology is trulu amazing. Sold new in Belgium, this copy is extremely rare. There are less than 30 cars equipped with the Valeo clutch as standard.
It has its own specific maintenance logbook. After being overhauled at Ferrai Bayonne, this car is ready to go any distance.

The placing on deck confirms that the side members, engine mount, Wheel arches and floors are in excellent condition. The car was never involved in an accident.

Engine: maintenance history (principal):

Sold new in Belgium (Francorchamps SA) in May 1994.

- September 1994: service 10,744 kms at the Garage Francorcamps.
- October 2000: service 28,080 kms (clutch) in the Scuderia Maranello garage in Charleroi.
- May 2006: service of the 30,000 kms in the Scuderia Maranello garage in Charleroi.
- April 2009: service of the 46,542 kms (distribution) in the Scuderia Maranello garage in Charleroi.
- June 2016: service of the 49,817 kms (distribution + major service) in Pista Fiorano garage.
- February 2019: check-up, change of potentiometer at Ferrari Bayonne.
The car currently has 50,308kms.

The car is in very good condition outside. The door/box adjustments are perfect. There is a veil of paint in the Rosso Corsa shade.

The interior of this car is superb, a sign of meticulous maintenance. The leathers are perfectly preserved (there is however a slight normal wear and tear on the driver's seat), and the buttons are not sticky (problem of the Ferraris this year).
All electricity works perfectly and no "fault" lights appear.

The car is sold with its tool kit, original cover and Pocket containing the various maintenance manuals.

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